We're a Livermore Winery, about 40 miles east of San Francisco.

We specialize in handcrafted, small-lot, luxury wines of rare quality with an emphasis on Rhone-type varieties.

We host two labels at our winery - Big White House and our premium label, John Evan Cellars.

We don't do manicured lawns and fountains. What we do is produce big and balanced reds and tasty whites using traditional methods.

We serve in an informal tasting room that encourages exceptional tasting experiences with intimate opportunities to learn about our wine.

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Our tasting room is set up specifically for you to have a great wine tasting experience. While enjoying the atmosphere, you can learn about the wines you taste directly from the winemaker, John Evan Marion.

Most weekends we have several barrels available for tasting with wine thieved directly from the barrel to your glass. Our winemaker, John Evan Marion is typically available in the tasting room to chat about his winemaking philosophy, the details of the process, and to guide you through your tasting.

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Our tasting fee is $5 for each menu which is then fully applied to any purchases over $20

Big Reds and Tasty Whites Menu

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2012 Pinot Noir | Big White House

Ripken Vineyard, Lodi - Single Vineyard Pinot Noir

We loved this Pinot as a baby, and love it still, but as a teenager, it's ready to bound out into the world - Light, sparkly, fresh and not looking back. We like its forward leaning confidence and light-hearted humor. As its parents, we are concerned about the short skirt and skimpy top. It is the youngest child that we've ever allowed to leave home. You can't keep them down on the farm after the've seen Paris.


2011 La Famille Des Amoureux | John Evan Cellars

Livermore Valley Blend - 80% Cab, 20% Petite Sirah

The fourth in the Lovers Series, this Les Am continues the tradition of matching a masculine cab with it's feminine couterpart to achieve balance and structure. The Lovers Series tracks John Evan's and his wife Christina's relationship. The newest milestone is a baby boy, born April 2nd. A little bit of Petitie Sirah represents the new addition. Like the little man himself, Petite Sirah gives a big impact in a little package.


2011 Port-Style Late Harvest Syrah | John Evan Cellars

Livermore Valley - Clark Vineyard

2011 was an interesting ripening season as noted in our other late harvest syrah. Of the three different ripenesses found in the Clark Syrah Vineyard in 2011, this one was in the middle of the ripeness scale and makes this Port wine. The brandy used to fortify this gem was a 1993 Late Harvest Muscat Brandy, distilled in 1996 and acquired by us in 2009. The orange spice from the brandy balances beautifully with the tannin from the Syrah.

Dessert and Bubbles Menu

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Big White House 2012 Viognier

Grand Cuvee | Big White House

Sparkling Wine

This delightfully dry, sparkling wine was bottled specifically for our Big White House Sparkling Cellars Label. We like the tiny bubbles, creamy mouth feel and crisp, dry finish. Equivalent in dryness to a French "Brut", this is a terrific sparkler for celebrating any occasion. Try this in a "kit" mixed with the Sherry (two parts Cuvee, one part Late Harvest Viognier).

Big White House Peach Champagne Livermore

Peche Mignon | Big White House

Peach Sparkling Wine

You've all loved our dry sparkling wine and now John Marion made a special release for his grandmother Eva. Our sparkling wine is kissed with peach and is sure to become a favorite of everyone. Still plenty of tiny bubbles with a creamy mouth feel and crisp dry finish. Try this in a "kit" mix with Ma Cherie.

Livermore Dessert Wine

Ma Cherie | Big White House

Sherry-Style, Late Harvest Viognier

Sherry is often described as the most under-rated of traditional wines. Our aging regime follows the traditional approach, using not-quite-full barrels. The flor controls the oxidation and allows for the formation of a variety of aromas including Turbinado sugar, dried apricot, caramel, orange blossom and toasted almonds.

Livermore Late Harvest Syrah

2011 Late Harvest Syrah | John Evan Cellars

Sherry-Style, Late Harvest Syrah

In 2011, the Clark Vineyard Syrah came in with three distinct ripenesses. From these we produced two different dessert wines and a table wine. This dessert wine used the grapes with the middle sweetness. The aroma of orange blossom, cinnamon, and blackberry is followed by clove and ripe, black cherry in the mouth.

While this is a late harvest dessert wine, it is a special type which cannot be named. There is an equation that relates the amount of sugar in the grapes to the amount of alcohol by volume in the finished wine. If the numbers don’t make sense, ask yourself (or John Evan) why. Also ask John Evan for the equation so you can determine what wines are of this special style for yourself.

Tasting Menu

Winter 2014

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Upcoming Events

Through December 2014

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Livermore Valley's Barrel Tasting Weekend

March 21st & 22nd

Noon - 4:30pm

Come have a taste, wine-theived straight from the barrel

John Evan Cellars - Wine Wednesday

March 25th


John Evan Cellars will be hosting the Livermore Valley Wine Association's Wine Wednesday event

Big White House Release Party

March 28th


Our first release party of 2015! Stay tuned as we'll announce wines closer to the release date.

Open on Easter!

April 5th


Just in case you were curious...we will be open on Easter Sunday.

The Artwork

Meet Laura Marion

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Laura Marion is our winemaker's sister and a very talented artist in the more traditional sense of the term, generally with oil on canvas.

Her work is displayed throughout our tasting room as well as on our wine labels making our wine both delicious and beautiful.

Though you'll often find her visiting the winery, Laura is a musician, artist and actor based in Los Angeles.

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The Artwork

Meet Laura Marion

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  • Big White House 2012 Viognier

    2012 Chardonnay

    Big White House

    Our 2012 Chardonnay comes from the Livermore Valley Vineyards of Sblend Sblendorio. Like most of the wine we produce, this is a tiny lot from a small vineyard, kept through bottling as a 100% varietal, (100% Chardonnay) and 100% from this single vineyard (Sblendorio Estate Vineyards). John Evan vintified this with his specialized cooling system adapted specifically to allow cold fermentation in barrel. Cold barrel fermentation allows the fruit esters to be retained which gives the wonderful nose. Barrel fermentation also allows for aging with the lees. Our Chard was aged for 20 months sur lees in neutral French oak barrels, adding a pleasant body and mid-pallate texture.

    Big White House
    2012 Chardonnay

  • Big White House Winery - 2012 Lapsus

    2012 Lapsus

    Big White House

    Legend has it that when the Chevalier Gaspard de Stérimberg returned wounded from the Albigeois crusades in 1224, he cloistered himself within the tiny hamlet on the hill that now bears his description, Hermitage, and refused to speak for the remainder of his pious life. Surrounded as he was by spectacular vineyards he did some winemaking, and discovered the virtues of a unique blend of his local Marsanne and Roussanne with up river Viognier.

    Appearing to us in a dream, the garrulous Saint, though taciturn in life, revealed his secret in a Lapsus Lengua, a slip of the tongue, and the blend, as well as the name of this wine was born.

    Roussanne forms the back bone of this wine - Providing the structure and big mouth-feel. The Viognier gives the apricot nose, pear mouth and juicy finish. Finally, Marsanne provides the cardamom in the nose and the minerality of the mouth.

    Serve at cellar temperature and raise a glass of Lapsus to the good St. Stérimberg.

    Big White House
    2012 Lapsus

  • Big White House Livermore - Pinot Noir

    2012 Pinot Noir

    Big White House

    Pinot from Lodi?! Gentleman farmer Ripken (Ripken Vineyards) grows everything you’ve ever heard of, and half a dozen things you’ve never heard of. So perhaps you might not think of Pinot when you think of Lodi, but it would be more bizarre if Rip didn’t grow Pinot!

    We loved this Pinot as a baby, and love it still, but as a teenager it’s ready to bound out into the world, light, sparkly and fresh, not looking back. We like its forward leaning confidence, light-hearted humor. As it’s parent’s we are concerned about the short skirt and skimpy top.

    Like last year’s Pinot, it has required very short aging. You can’t keep them down on the farm, after they’ve seen Paris! Find strawberry in the nose and raspberry in the mouth. Try it around 65°F on a picnic. Keep it in the fridge and then by the time you get to your picnic, it’ll be warmed up to just the right temperature!

    Big White House
    2012 Pinot Noir

  • Big White House Winery Livermore Syrah

    2010 East-West Syrah

    Big White House

    This 2010 Syrah we call East-West Syrah because it marries Syrah from a hilly, Eastern Livermore Valley vineyard and a rocky stream-bed of a vineyard from the West Side.

    Both growing conditions encourage stress in the vineyard and concentrated flavors in the grapes. Enough water is important for vine health, but too much water makes for bland grapes. Hills don’t allow water to stick around near the roots long enough for the vine to absorb it. Old stream beds drain very efficiently so again, the water isn’t absorbed by the roots.

    A blend of east side and west side Syrah - The nose first entices you with blueberry, black tea, and orange blossom and finishes with a hint a bacon smoke. The mouth has a nice big syrah mouth feel, moderated by a little bit of butteriness in the mid-palate but finishing with a juicy blackberry finish.

    Big White House
    2010 East-West Syrah

  • Best Livermore Wine - Chateau Marion

    2011 Chateau Marion

    Big White House

    We have many nick-names for the house where we started making wine and where winemaker John Evan Marion and his wife Christina now live. "The Big White House" is, of course, the best known name, but Château Marion is one of our faves.

    Some of the most prestigious wines in the world from some of the most prestigious chateaux are blends of Cab and Merlot so we’ve adopted the name for this blend. In our 2011 Château Marion, find cherry from the Cab, spice from Merlot, mid-palate structure from the Merlot, and a long, juicy finish from the Cab.

    Big White House
    2011 Chateau Marion

  • John Evan Cellars Cab

    La Famille Des Amoureux

    John Evan Cellars

    The fourth in John Evan’s “Lovers” series, La famille des Amoureux, (lah fam-EE days-ahm-or-ROO) “The Family of the Lovers,” describes the next milestone in John and Christina’s romance, a bouncing baby boy! This Les Am reveals the instant chemistry between two Livermore Cabs but includes a little Petite Sirah, representing the baby.

    We vinified these three wines separately (not long after the wedding), aged them for two and a half years and then married them together in the barrel. One sip and you can taste the romance that has blossomed.

    The wine from the Clark Vineyard to the east of the winery has a distinctly feminine character: rose and violet in the nose; bright cherry in the mouth, and softer tannins. The wine from the illustrious Wisner Vineyard to the north of the winery has a much more masculine personality: spice, leather and cedar in the nose; blackberry and cherry in the mouth and deeper, darker tannins. The Petite Sirah brings balance and completeness to equation.

    John Evan has created this special Cab which mirrors and reminds him of his new family: excellent balance and endless variety. You can now appreciate this spectacular romance by sharing a glass of La Famille des Amoureux with a loved one. Les Am can be enjoyed now but also could benefit from a decade of cellaring.

    John Evan Cellars
    2011 La Famille Des Amoureux

  • Big White House 2012 Sangiovese Wine Label

    2012 Sangiovese

    Big White House

    Our 2012 Sangiovese comes from Richard Ripken's brilliantly farmed vineyards in Lodi. This is the same fabled Sangiovese vineyard that became John Evan's first major winemaking undertaking during the 1999 harvest. This Sangiovese vintage is light and fruity, more in the Chianti-style. Medium body, good acid, and juicy mouth-feel make this a versatile food or sipping wine. In the nose you'll find cranberry, rose and allspice. In the mouth look for raspberry and a hint of citrus with a light, smooth finish. Try it on a romantic picnic or with Carbonara.

    Big White House
    2012 Sangiovese

  • Big White House Winery - 2012 Zinfandel Wine Label

    2012 Zinfandel

    Big White House

    Our 2012 Sblendorio Estate Vineyard Zinfandel is sourced from the excellent vineyards on the flood plains of Eastern Livermore. The Zin clone that Sblend has planted grows relatively large berries. How does John Evan vinify this fruit? Well, not by creating a jammy pepper-bomb! Fermented for nearly two weeks at cooler temperatures, JE accentuates the fruit character, complexity and what we believe is (or should be) the varietal characteristics of a classic zinfandel in the old-world sense.

    The 2012 Sblendorio Zin has a clean nose of ripe red cherries, white pepper and cinnamon. It is medium-bodied in the mouth with juicy cherry-raspberry, cardamon and allspice. Our 2012 Zin has approachable tannins, even as a two-year-old, and exceptionally good balance with great distribution in the mouth.

    Big White House
    2012 Zinfandel

  • Big White House Livermore - Ma Cherie Late Harvest Viognier Dessert Wine

    Ma Cherie - Late Harvest Viognier

    Big White House

    Sorry about this, but we still need to upload our description for this one.

    Big White House
    Ma Cherie Late Harvest Viognier

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