We're a Livermore Winery, about 40 miles east of San Francisco.

We specialize in handcrafted, small-lot, luxury wines of rare quality with an emphasis on Rhone-type varieties.

We host two labels at our winery - Big White House and our premium label, John Evan Cellars.

We don't do manicured lawns and fountains. What we do is produce big and balanced reds and tasty whites using traditional methods.

We serve in an informal tasting room that encourages exceptional tasting experiences with intimate opportunities to learn about our wine.

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Our tasting room is set up specifically for you to have a great wine tasting experience. While enjoying the atmosphere, you can learn about the wines you taste directly from the winemaker, John Evan Marion.

Most weekends we have several barrels available for tasting with wine thieved directly from the barrel to your glass. Our winemaker, John Evan Marion is typically available in the tasting room to chat about his winemaking philosophy, the details of the process, and to guide you through your tasting.

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Our tasting fee is $10 which is fully applied to any purchases over $25.
Groups larger of 8 are subject to a higher tasting fee.

 March 2016 Tasting Menu

2013 Chardonnay | Big White House

Sblendorio Vineyard 

Our 2013 Chardonnay comes from the Livermore Valley Vineyards of Sblend Sblendorio. John Evan vintifed this with his specialized cooling system adapted specifically to allow cold fermentation in a barrel. Cold barrel fermentation allows the fruit esters to be retained, which give the wonderful nose. Barrel fermentation also allows for aging with the lees. Our chard was aged for 22 months sur lees in neutral French oak barrels, adding a pleasant body and mid-palate texture. $24/bottle 

2013 Sangiovese | Big White House

Ripken Vineyard, Livermore Valley

Our 2013 Sangiovese comes from Richard Ripken’s brilliantly farmed vineyards in Lodi. This is the same fabled Sangiovese vineyard that becomes John Evan’s first major winemaking understanding during the 1999 harvest. This Sangiovese vintage is light and fruity, more in the Chianti-style. Medium body, good acid, and juicy mouth-feel make this a versatile food and sipping wine. In the nose you’ll find cranberry, rose and allspice. In the mouth look for raspberry and a hint of citrus with a light smooth finish. Try it on a romantic picnic or with Carbonara. $26/bottle  

2011 Montepulciano | Big White House

Ripken Vineyard, Livermore Valley

Library Collection: Our 2011 Montepulciano is closer to the Old-World Monties we’ve become familiar with since we started making our own. Getting to know this grape has been fun. Our first was such a small batch we only barely got acquainted. Our second was from a relatively hot year. This, our third, came from a cooler year, more similar to a typical year in its native Italy. Montepulciano is a big, fat grape. Usually large grapes yield thin, weakly colored wines. However, the skins on Monte are so thick that the result is a barely tameable beast. While the tannins are big, and the color is deep, the excellent acidity (due largely to Rip Ripken's excellent farming) balances the wine beautifully. In the nose find cherry, cedar, vanilla, chocolate, and cinnamon. In the mouth find blackberry, vanilla and allspice. $32/bottle 

2012, John Evan Cellars, Das Risiko

100% Syrah, Livermore Valley

Sexy and feminie on the surface, bold and bad-ass on the inside. Meet das Risiko. She grew up an orphan in East Germany as a strikingly beautiful young woman who was recruited into the Stasi when she was a teenager, possessing a deep core of strength and survival. But over time she came to understand that undermining the Stasi was the only path forward for a country she loves. At great personal peril she served the West as a double agent for the CIA, straddling the East and West, in constant danger. In the nose is svelte and sensual with beautiful rose, violets and rasberry, yet provacative with black tea and orange blossoms. Underneath her magnificent heart-ripe plum and blackberry, with coffee and cocoa. Das Riskiko finishes with deep rich tannins and spy's flair-a smart, racy finish. $48/bottle 

Tasting Menu

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Sparkling On Sale Mothers Day Weekend!

Fri-Sun, May 6-8, 12-4:30pm

Come in this weekend to pick up your half case or full case of our Grande Cuvee and/or Peche Mignon for Mothers Day! (Please note we are not tasting sparkling and there is no sale on individual bottles)

Elisa's Catering Food Truck on Mother's Day

Sun, May 8, 12-4:30pm

We are excited that our food friend, Juan, has gotten his own food truck! They will be joining us for Mothers Day serving food representing California. Stop by for some wine tasting and lunch! 

Wine Wednesday at John Evan Cellars

Wed, May 11, 5-8pm

John Evan Cellars is hosting this week's Wine Wednesday. Stop in to wine-down from a hefty work week! Elisa's Catering's food truck will be joining us for the evening so plan to grab dinner and sip on wine! 
Tasting Fee: $10 (Members taste for free)

John Evan Cellars May Release Party

Save the Date: Sat, May 21, 6:30-9:30pm

Club members: Save the date for the first John Evan Cellars release of 2016. We are currently planning for Sat, May 21st from 6:30-9:30pm. More information coming soon! 

Give a Private Tasting with the Winemaker

Join Schedule a private tasting with our master winemaker himself, John Evan. You and up to 7 guest will be greeted with a glass of our sparkling wine and guided through a tasting which will include some hidden gems that aren't normally in the tasting room. Contact shae@bigwhitehouse.com for pricing and availability. 

Winery Gift Cards

Not sure what to bring to give a teacher? coach? friend? How about a gift card to the Big White House! Available in any denomination, and more fun than another Starbucks gift card! Purchase online

The Artwork

Meet Laura Marion

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Laura Marion is our winemaker's sister and a very talented artist in the more traditional sense of the term, generally with oil on canvas.

Her work is displayed throughout our tasting room as well as on our wine labels making our wine both delicious and beautiful.

Though you'll often find her visiting the winery, Laura is a musician, artist and actor based in Los Angeles.

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The Artwork

Meet Laura Marion

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  • Big White House 2012 Viognier

    2013 Grenache Blanc

    Big White House

    2013 Grenache Blanc.

    Big White House
    2013 Roussanne

  • Big White House Winery - 2012 Lapsus

    2012 Lapsus

    Big White House

    Legend has it that when the Chevalier Gaspard de Stérimberg returned wounded from the Albigeois crusades in 1224, he cloistered himself within the tiny hamlet on the hill that now bears his description, Hermitage, and refused to speak for the remainder of his pious life. Surrounded as he was by spectacular vineyards he did some winemaking, and discovered the virtues of a unique blend of his local Marsanne and Roussanne with up river Viognier.

    Appearing to us in a dream, the garrulous Saint, though taciturn in life, revealed his secret in a Lapsus Lengua, a slip of the tongue, and the blend, as well as the name of this wine was born.

    Roussanne forms the back bone of this wine - Providing the structure and big mouth-feel. The Viognier gives the apricot nose, pear mouth and juicy finish. Finally, Marsanne provides the cardamom in the nose and the minerality of the mouth.

    Serve at cellar temperature and raise a glass of Lapsus to the good St. Stérimberg.

    Big White House
    2012 Petite Sirah

  • Big White House Livermore - Pinot Noir

    2012 Dolcetto

    Big White House

    Dolcetto is a grape that originated in Italy and was believed to be the same as Charbono until DNA typing at UC Davis identified it to be a different varietal. Dolcetto, Big White House style, is more of a seriously fun wine, than it is a serious wine. Our Big White House Dolcetto features a uniquely intense Bing cherry nose, with plum, violet, licorice and almonds. Our fermentation was short to prevent overly high tannins, finishing in just four days; high levels of anthocyanins in Dolcetto skins give it excellent color after only a brief maceration. Though the name Docetto means little sweet one, our Dolcetto is fully dry, although it does have a juicy finish with a sweet character.

    John Evan Cellars
    2012 Das Risiko, Syrah

  • Big White House Winery Livermore Syrah

    2012 Clark Vineyard Syrah

    Big White House

    Peter Clark is a gifted gentleman farmer who produces wonderful fruit every year from his hillside vineyards about 2 miles east of our winery. This Syrah is an elegant offering that combines the rich qualities of this grape with careful cellar work from John Evan so that the rustic, tannic qualities that Syrah often exhibits are tamed into regal elegance. In the nose, the Clark Syrah has a rich nose of plum, cinnamon, vanilla, and cassis. The mouth reveals the sturdy mouth-feel of New-World Syrah, while preserving the Old-World flavor profile. The finish has the last vestiges of what was once gripping, chalky tannins and is now a balanced, full finish. Enjoy at cellar temperature.

    Big White House
    2013 Chardonnay 

  • Best Livermore Wine - Alfies Amalgamation

    Alfie's Amalgamation

    Big White House

    Everybody always asks the winery dog, Alfie, “What’s it all about?” While we’re all big fans of music in general, this is not the song after which Alfie is named. His full name is Saint Alphonso of Pancake Breakfasts, after the Zappa song. Does this wine go well with pancakes? I’m sure Uncle Frank would think so. But what is it all about? It’s about a blend that showcases the best of the components. Spice from the Zin, fruit from the Syrah and structure from the Petite Sirah. Just like its namesake, Alfie’s Amalgamation just wants your attention and will reward you with love.

    John Evan Cellars
    2012 The Paracelsian, Cab Sauv

  • John Evan Cellars Winter Star Cab

    2011 The Winter Star

    John Evan Cellars

    TThis year’s Winter Star is a luxureous blend of Cab Sauv, Malbec, and Cab Franc. The dark color contrasts the bright, spice nose of clove, cardamom, and black cherry. Tasting it, find vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, and blackberry. In the mouth, this wine really shines with great mid-palate structure and a rich finish. Petite Verdot makes its first appearance, smoothing out the mid-palate.

    The Winter Star is so named because it is bottled and released during the week of the Winter Solstice. The still-significant tannins should allow significant cellaring but it’s no coincidence that we’re releasing just before your holiday dinners. Enjoy!.

    John Evan Cellars
    2010  The Winter Star

  • Big White House 2012 Sangiovese Wine Label

    2012 Sangiovese

    Big White House

    Our 2012 Sangiovese comes from Richard Ripken's brilliantly farmed vineyards in Lodi. This is the same fabled Sangiovese vineyard that became John Evan's first major winemaking unde

    Big White House
    2012 Syrah

  • Big White House Winery - 2012 Zinfandel Wine Label

    2012 Zinfandel

    Big White House

    Our 2012 Sblendorio Estate Vineyard Zinfandel is sourced from the excellent vineyards on the flood plains of Eastern Livermore. The Zin clone that Sblend has planted grows relatively large berries. How does John Evan vinify this fruit? Well, not by creating a jammy pepper-bomb! Fermented for nearly two weeks at cooler temperatures, JE accentuates the fruit character, complexity and what we believe is (or should be) the varietal characteristics of a classic zinfandel in the old-world sense.

    The 2012 Sblendorio Zin has a clean nose of ripe red cherries, white pepper and cinnamon. It is medium-bodied in the mouth with juicy cherry-raspberry, cardamon and allspice. Our 2012 Zin has approachable tannins, even as a two-year-old, and exceptionally good balance with great distribution in the mouth.

    Big White House
    2013 Zinfandel

  • Big White House Livermore - Port Style Late Harvest Syrah

    2011 Port Style Late Harvest Syrah

    John Evan Cellars

    2011 was an interesting ripening season as noted in our other late harvest syrah. Of the three different ripenesses found in the Clark Syrah Vineyard in 2011, this one was in the middle of the ripeness scale and makes this Port wine. The brandy used to fortify this gem was a 1993 Late Harvest Muscat Brandy, distilled in 1996 and acquired by us in 2009. The orange spice from the brandy balances beautifully with the tannin from the Syrah.

    John Evan Cellars
    2011 Late Harvest Syrah

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