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John Evan Marion


John Evan is one of Livermore Valley’s youngest elite winemakers. With the original Big White House operation taking place at his childhood home, John Evan has been involved in one capacity or another from the winery’s earliest roots. He began making wine in a professional capacity in 1998. The following year he produced his first masterpiece – A Tuscan-style Sangiovese from Richard Ripken’s exclusive clone. After a couple of years in the barrel, this wine was released in 2001. Based on a single bottle, John Evan was offered the winemaker position at a well-known Paso Robles winery. John was transitioning from high school into a college education in the sciences at the time and hence, he grudgingly turned down the offer.

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Jessica Carroll

Assistant Winemaker

Originally from Salinas, Jessica moved to the Tri-Valley after graduating from the University of Portland with a civil engineering degree. After frequenting the tasting rooms around the valley as a customer, she joined the other side of the bar at BWH/JE for fun on weekends at the end of 2011. From this new perspective Jessica expanded her knowledge of the vast world of wine and she was hooked. With a science background she grew more interested in the process of making wine and started helping out in the cellar in addition to pouring in the tasting room. Fast forward a couple of years: Jessica was thrilled to join John as Cellar Master in January of 2014. This is also the year she completed the Certificate of Enology from Las Positas College.

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Stephanie Rebiejo


Stephanie grew up in Fremont but now lives just a couple doors down from the house after which the winery is named in Downtown Livermore. She was roped into this crazy venture in 2005 and was critical in getting the winery through its awkward teen years. You may catch her in the tasting room, or you may bump into her at BART. If you see her say “Cheers!”

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John Marion

Winemaker Emeritus

John Marion II, or John the Elder as he is known around the winery, started the winery in the backyard of their home, the Big White House, in 1996 after his real job sent the family to France for a year. Though he has a number of talents, his expertise in lasers is what took him and the family to Paris. The year in France planted the winemaking seed which blossomed into Big White House. John is a scientist who worked at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab until 2005, when he left the west coast for Logos Technologies where he presides over their sensor business. At that point, John Evan assumed the winemaking responsibilities. While he and his wife Diana are still in the DC area, he serves in an advisory role and visits as often as possible, expecting to return permanently in the near future.

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