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Though both John's have backgrounds in chemistry and science, the notion of winemaking as artistry is alive and well at Big White House and John Evan Cellars.

Our wine is truely hand-crafted with the entire process customized for each varietal and each vintage’s unique qualities. We begin in the vineyard, working with a short list of our favorite, premium growers. At the winery, the grapes are gently de-stemmed and fermented on-site. We use two basket presses for pressing the fermented wine from its skins.

From there, all of our wines are barrel aged. We taste the barrels in the winery regularly to monitor their aging progress. This level of individual attention, to each lot and each barrel, distinguishes our wines from those of larger production facilities. ‘No wine before its time’ is a cliché, but we take it seriously, sometimes waiting five years or longer to release, especially big, high tannin reds.

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2014 "El Capitan" Petite Sirah - John Evan Cellars

Clark Vineyard

Livermore Wineries - Viognier

100% Petite Sirah
Bottle: $48

Rising majestically from the floor of the glacially-carved Yosemite Valley, El Capitan commands the landscape, even when viewed through the softened, warm colors of dusk and the impending night fall.Stressing the limits of skill and endurance, El Capitan was once thought to be unconquerable. The 2014 El Cap is the immense and imposing Petite Sirah from the Livermore vineyards of Peter Clark. Careful farming coupled with John Evan's cool fermentation and careful elevage has allowed us to scale El Capitan with skill and fortitude and to tame this giant into an approachable gem. The nose reveals depp ripe fruit with black plum, cinnamon, cardamom, and vanilla. The once overwhelming tannins that earlier dominated the mid-palate and finish now share the quality of an imposing massive structure softened by age, experienced through the filter of warm dusk colors and contrasting with the feeling of crisp evening Sierra breeze and the hard granite of El Capitan.

2014 "The Debonaire" Cabernet Sauvignon - John Evan Cellars 

Clark Vineyard, Livermore Valley

Livermore Valley, Cabernet Sauvignon, John Evan Cellars, The Debonaire

100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Always the best-dressed, with the wittiest double entendres, some of the best looking gals on his arms, and most suave guys in his entourage, The Debonaire defines style. John Evan's 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, from the fabled vineyards farmed by Peter Clark, is what sophisticates drink. The Debonaire has tremendous complexity derived from the steep, south-east exposed vineyards of the eastern Livermore hills. Bright cherry and allspice with a hint of violet and vanilla combine into a swirling, evolving display of aromas. On the palate, The Debonaire enters as a soft, fruit-laden breeze and then broadens to display the formidable structure that defines an ageable Cab. Never shaken, never stirred, John Evan's The Debonaire.

2015 "Cuvee Juilette" Syrah - John Evan Cellars 

Livermore Valley

Livermore Valley, Syrah, 2015, John Evan Cellars, Cuvee Juliette


Enjoy this elegant Syrah made in the ancient Cote Rotie-style. Cuvee Juliette has a wonderful nose of roses, violet, blackberry, and plum.

2015 Zinfandel - Big White House Winery

Sblendorio Vineyard - Livermore

Livermore wineries - Big White House Zinfandel

100% Zinfandel

Our 2015 Sblendorio Estate Vineyard Zinfandel is sourced from the excellent vineyards of the flood plains of Eastern Livermore. The Zin clone that Sblend has planted grows relatively large berries. How does John Evan vinify this fruit? Well, not by creating a jammy pepper-bomb! Fermented for nearly two weeks at cooler temperatures, JE accentuates the fruit character, complexity and what we believe is (or should be) the varietal characteristics of a classic zinfandel in the old-world sense. The 2015 Sblendorio Zin has a clean nose of ripe red cherries, white pepper and cinnamon. It is medium-bodied in the mouth with juicy cherry-raspberry, cardamon and allspice. Our 2015 Zin has approachable tannins, even as a two-year-old, and exceptionally good balance with great distribution in the mouth.

2014 Sangiovese - Big White House Winery

Ripken Vineyards

Livermore wineries - Big White House Italian Wine - Montepulciano

100% Sangiovese

Our 2014 Sangiovese comes from Richard Ripken's brilliantly farmed vineyards in Lodi. This is the same fabeled Sangiovese vineyard that became John Evan's first major winemaking undertaking during the 1999 harvest. This Sangiovese vintage is light and fruity, more in the Chianti-style. Medium body, good acid, and juicy mouth-feel make this a versatile food or sipping wine. In the nose you'll find cranberry, rose, and allspice. In the mouth look for raspberry and a hint of citrus with a light, smooth finish. Try it on a romantic picnic or with Carbonara.

2014 Alfie's Amalgamation - Big White House Winery

34% Zinfandel, 33% Petite Sirah, 33% Cabernet Sauvignon

Livermore wineries - Big White House 2012 Clark Syrah


Everybody always asks the winery dog, Alfie, "What's it all about?" While we're all big fans of music in general, this is not the song after which Alfie is named. His full name is Saint Alphonso of Pancake Breakfast, after the Zappa song. Does this wine go well with pancakes? I'm sure Uncle Frank would think so. But what is it all about? It's about a blend that showcases the best of the components. Spice from the Zin, fruit from the Cab and structure from the Petite Sirah. Just like its namesake, Alfie's Amalgamation just wants your attention and will reward you with love.

2014 Pinot Noir - Big White House Winery

Livermore Valley

Livermore Wine - Big White House Winery- Alfie

100% Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir from Lodi?! Ripken grows everything you've ever heard of and half a dozen things you've never heard of. So perhaps you might not think Pinot when you think Lodi, but it would be more strange if Rip didn't grow Pinot! Find Cassis, white pepper, and vanilla in the nose with a matching mouth.

2014 Sangiovese - John Evan Cellars


Livermore wineries - John Evan Cellar Bordeaux Winter Star


"I need to know if this Sangiovese clone will work well in my vineyard. Would you like to make it?" asked gentleman winegrower, Richard Ripken. My answer? "Heck, yeah!" That conversation happened in the fall of 1999, fifteen years before this wine was harvested. To celebrate the vintage that marks John Evan having made wine for more than half of his life, he decided to make a single barrel of Sangiovese in the style of that first "full-scale" winemaking success. Careful fruit selection, extensive skin contact and extended maceration reveal the darker aspects of this wine. The nose presents cloves and allspice above the brooding, black cherry and toasty oak. The generous mouth reveals prominent tannins and a lingering, balanced finish. Raise a glass and look forward to the next fifteen years!

2014 Chardonnay - Big White House Winery

Sblendorio Vineyard - Livermore

Livermore wineries - Big White House White Wine Chardonnay

100% Chardonnay

Our 2014 Chardonnay comes from the Livermore Valley Vineyards of Sblend Sblendorio. Like most of the wine we produce, this is a tiny lot from a small vineyard, kept through bottling as a 100% varietal, (100% Chardonnay) and 100% from this single vineyard (Sblendorio Estate Vineyards). John Evan vintified this with his specialized cooling system adapted specifically to allow cold fermentation in barrel. Cold barrel fermentation allows the fruit esters to be retained which gives the wonderful nose. Barrel fermentation also allows for aging with the lees. Our Chard was aged for 20 months sur lees in neutral French oak barrels, adding a pleasant body and mid-pallate texture.

2015 Viognier - Big White House Winery


Livermore wineries - Big White House Lapsus

100% Viognier

Our favorite Viognier wines have been from Northern Rhone and have a characteristic redolent peach and pear in the nose and a round mouth feel. High terpene content in the Viognier grape gives all kinds of other interesting character that evolves with time. In California, Viognier can be difficult because the warmer climate leads to higher sugar levels by the time the grapes are physiologically ripe. In 2015, out Viognier has rewarded us with the pear nose which we love, big mouth-feel, and crisp Meyer lemon finish. Enjoy at cellar temperature to advantage the nose, or cooler to enjoy the crispness of this fine white wine.

Grand Cuvee - Big White House Winery

Ripken Vineyards

Livermore wineries - Champagne Sparkling Wine Big White House Winery

Sparkling Wine

This delightfully dry sparkling wine was bottled specifically for our Big White House Sparkling Cellars label. We like the tiny bubbles, creamy mouth feel and crisp, dry finish. Equivalent in dryness to a French "Brut", this is a terrific sparkler for celebrating any occassion.

Try this in a "kit" mixed with the Sherry (two parts Cuvee, one part late harvest).

Peche Mignon - Big White House Winery

Ripken Vineyards

Livermore wineries - Peach Sparkling Wine Big White House Winery

Peach Sparkling Wine

You've all loved our dry sparkling wine and now, John Marion has made a special release for his grandmother Eva. Our sparkling wine is kissed with peach and is sure to become a favorite of everyone; still plenty of tiny bubbles with a creamy mouth feel and crisp, dry finish.

Try this in a "kit" mixed with the Ma Cherie

Late Harvest Viognier - Big White House Winery

Ripken Vineyards

Livermore wineries - Sherry Dessert Wine Ma Cherie Viognier

Late Harvest Viognier

For almost a decade now, mother nature has not been cooperating with growers to make late harvest wine. Cool summers don't dehydrate the grapes enough before the fall rains. Hot summers dehydrate the grapes, but also bake out the flavor. This late harvest was the ripest of the ripe sorted from the rest of the Viognier we got from Rip. In the nose find alluring ripe apricot aromas followed by a beautiful floral character. Sip the wine and allow this sweet elixer to coat your mouth with ripe pear and cinnamon.

2011 Late Harvest Syrah - John Evan Cellars

Clark Vineyard - Livermore

Livermore wineries - Late Harvest Syrah Dessert Wine

Late Harvest Syrah

2011 was an interesting ripening season. When finally the grapes in this Syrah vineyard were physiologically ripe, many of them had significantly raisined. After a long, but successful sort, we had discerned three different ripenesses. This was the first of the three 2011 Clark Syrahs to be released. This is from the ripest of them all, yielding a single barrel of this rich elixir. More true to the late harvest flavor profile than the port-style



Livermore wineries - Late Harvest Syrah Dessert Wine