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Though both John's have backgrounds in chemistry and science, the notion of winemaking as artistry is alive and well at Big White House and John Evan Cellars.

Our wine is truely hand-crafted with the entire process customized for each varietal and each vintage’s unique qualities. We begin in the vineyard, working with a short list of our favorite, premium growers. At the winery, the grapes are gently de-stemmed and fermented on-site. We use two basket presses for pressing the fermented wine from its skins.

From there, all of our wines are barrel aged. We taste the barrels in the winery regularly to monitor their aging progress. This level of individual attention, to each lot and each barrel, distinguishes our wines from those of larger production facilities. ‘No wine before its time’ is a cliché, but we take it seriously, sometimes waiting five years or longer to release, especially big, high tannin reds.

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2012 "Paracelcian" Cabernet Sauvignon - John Evan Cellars

Wisner Vineyards

Livermore Wineries - Viognier

100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Bottle: $45

Riefined educated and sophisticated, The Paracelcian is John Evan's elixer balancing the microcosm of Man, exhibited by careful farming and deliverate winemaking, with the macrocosm of Nature demonstrating the effect of the land and the climate. John Evan's 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon from Georgia Wisner's renowned vineyard expertly farmed by Mike Wanless, shows some of the best varietal character and terroir of any recent John Evan Cab. Like Paracelcus himself (born Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim) John Evan recognizes that the true value of alchemy isn't in creating precious metals, but in formulating concotions to better the lives of other. In the aroma The Paracelcian find the tria prima of black cherry, cinnamon and cedar. In the mouth find medium body with intense flavor. Sola dosis facit venenum: the dos makes the poison; or everything in moderation, including moderation. 

2012 "Das Risiko" Syrah - John Evan Cellars 

Livermore Valley

Big White House Winery- Dolcetto Red Wine Livermore

100% Syrah

Sexy and feminine on the surface, bold and bad-ass on the inside. Meet das Risiko. She grew up an orphan in East Germany as a strikingly beautiful young woman who was recruited into the Stasi when she was a teenager, possessing a deep core of strength and survival. But over time she came to understand the undermining the Stasi was the only path forward for a country she loves. At great personal peril she served the West as a double agent for the CIA, straddling the East and West, in constand danger. In the nose das Risiko is svelte and sensual with beautiful rose, violets and raspberry, yet provacative with black tea and orange blossoms. Underneath her magnificent heart- ripe pumb and blackberry, with coffee and cocoa. Das Risiko finishes with deep rich tannins and a spy's flair- a smart, racy finish.

2013 Zinfandel - Big White House Winery

Sblendorio Vineyard - Livermore

Livermore wineries - Big White House Zinfandel

100% Zinfandel

Our 2013 Sblendorio Estate Vineyard Zinfandel is sourced from the excellent vineyards of the flood plains of Eastern Livermore. The Zin clone that Sblend has planted grows relatively large berries. How does John Evan vinify this fruit? Well, not by creating a jammy pepper-bomb! Fermented for nearly two weeks at cooler temperatures, JE accentuates the fruit character, complexity and what we believe is (or should be) the varietal characteristics of a classic zinfandel in the old-world sense. The 2013 Sblendorio Zin has a clean nose of ripe red cherries, white pepper and cinnamon. It is medium-bodied in the mouth with juicy cherry-raspberry, cardamon and allspice. Our 2013 Zin has approachable tannins, even as a two-year-old, and exceptionally good balance with great distribution in the mouth.

2011 Montepulciano - Big White House Winery

Ripken Vineyards

Livermore wineries - Big White House Italian Wine - Montepulciano

100% Montepulciano

Our 2011 Montepulciano is closer to the Old-World Monties we’ve become familiar with since we started making our own. Getting to know this grape has been fun. Our first was such a small batch we only barely got aquainted. Our second was from a relatively hot year. This, our third, came from a cooler year, more similar to a typical year in its native Italy. Montepulciano is a big, fat grape. Usually large grapes yield thin, weakly colored wines. However, the skins on Monte are so thick that the result is a barely tameable beast. While the tannins are big, and the color is deep, the excellent acidity (due largely to Rip Ripken's excellent farming) balances the wine beautifully. In the nose find cherry, cedar, vanilla, chocolate, and cinnamon. In the mouth find blackberry, vanilla and allspice.

2012 Syrah - Big White House Winery

Clark Vineyard - Livermore Valley

Livermore wineries - Big White House 2012 Clark Syrah

100% Syrah

Planted in the super-rocky flood plain of the Arroyo, this Syrah exhibits some of our favorite Old-World/New-World balance. Black cherry, black tea, vanilla and clove in the nose are followed in the mouth by medium body with rasberry, clove and a juicy finish. 

2012 Petite Sirah - Big White House Winery

Livermore Valley

Livermore Wine - Big White House Winery- Alfie

100% Petite Sirah

Balance is key in all wines. The lightness of this Petite makes accentuates its balane. In the nose find bright bing cherry, cardamom, lemongrass. The mouth mimics the nose with pie cherry, spice and juicy finish. 

2010 The Winter Star - John Evan Cellars

Livermore Valley

Livermore wineries - John Evan Cellar Bordeaux Winter Star

Bordeaux Blend

This Library Collection of the Winter Star is a luxureous blend of Cab Sauv, Merlot and Petit Verdot. The dark color contrasts the bright, spice nose of clove, cardamom, and black cherry. Tasting it, find vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, and blackberry. In the mouth, this wine really shines with great mid-palate structure and a rich finish. Petite Verdot makes its first appearance, smoothing out the mid-palate. The Winter Star is so named because it is bottled and released during the week of the Winter Solstice. The still-significant tannins should allow significant cellaring but it’s no coincidence that we’re releasing just before your holiday dinners. Enjoy!

2013 Chardonnay - Big White House Winery

Sblendorio Vineyard - Livermore

Livermore wineries - Big White House White Wine Chardonnay

100% Chardonnay

Our 2013 Chardonnay comes from the Livermore Valley Vineyards of Sblend Sblendorio. Like most of the wine we produce, this is a tiny lot from a small vineyard, kept through bottling as a 100% varietal, (100% Chardonnay) and 100% from this single vineyard (Sblendorio Estate Vineyards). John Evan vintified this with his specialized cooling system adapted specifically to allow cold fermentation in barrel. Cold barrel fermentation allows the fruit esters to be retained which gives the wonderful nose. Barrel fermentation also allows for aging with the lees. Our Chard was aged for 20 months sur lees in neutral French oak barrels, adding a pleasant body and mid-pallate texture.

2013 Roussanne - Big White House Winery


Livermore wineries - Big White House Lapsus


Our The word Roussanne is archaic French slang for redhead and is so named because the grapes get a distinctive auburn hue as they reach full ripeness. The fragrant, perfumed nose seems to contradict the structure and body of the mouth. As with most of the Big White House whites, the finish, which balances these attributes, is crisp and racy. In the nose find ripe pears. In the mouth find pear and green apple.

Grand Cuvee - Big White House Winery

Ripken Vineyards

Livermore wineries - Champagne Sparkling Wine Big White House Winery

Sparkling Wine

This delightfully dry sparkling wine was bottled specifically for our Big White House Sparkling Cellars label. We like the tiny bubbles, creamy mouth feel and crisp, dry finish. Equivalent in dryness to a French "Brut", this is a terrific sparkler for celebrating any occassion.

Try this in a "kit" mixed with the Sherry (two parts Cuvee, one part late harvest).

Peche Mignon - Big White House Winery

Ripken Vineyards

Livermore wineries - Peach Sparkling Wine Big White House Winery

Peach Sparkling Wine

You've all loved our dry sparkling wine and now, John Marion has made a special release for his grandmother Eva. Our sparkling wine is kissed with peach and is sure to become a favorite of everyone; still plenty of tiny bubbles with a creamy mouth feel and crisp, dry finish.

Try this in a "kit" mixed with the Ma Cherie

Ma Cherie - Big White House Winery

Ripken Vineyards

Livermore wineries - Sherry Dessert Wine Ma Cherie Viognier

Sherry-style Late Harvest Viognier

Sherry is often described as the most under-rated of traditional wines. Our aging regime follows the traditional approach, using not-quite full barrels. The flor controls the rate of oxidation and allows for the formation of a variety of aromas including Turbinado sugar, dried apricot, carmael, orange blossom and toasted almonds.

2011 Late Harvest Syrah - John Evan Cellars

Clark Vineyard - Livermore

Livermore wineries - Late Harvest Syrah Dessert Wine

Late Harvest Syrah

2011 was an interesting ripening season. When finally the grapes in this Syrah vineyard were physiologically ripe, many of them had significantly raisined. After a long, but successful sort, we had discerned three different ripenesses. This was the first of the three 2011 Clark Syrahs to be released. This is from the ripest of them all, yielding a single barrel of this rich elixir. More true to the late harvest flavor profile than the port-style

2011 Port-Style Late Harvest Syrah - John Evan Cellars

Clark Vineyard - Livermore

Livermore wineries - Late Harvest Syrah Dessert Wine

Port-Style Late Harvest Syrah

2011 was an interesting ripening season as noted in our other late harvest syrah. Of the three different ripenesses found in the Clark Syrah Vineyard in 2011, this one was in the middle of the ripeness scale and makes this Port wine. The brandy used to fortify this gem was a 1993 Late Harvest Muscat Brandy, distilled in 1996 and acquired by us in 2009. The orange spice from the brandy balances beautifully with the tannin from the Syrah.